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Savour Stratford Chocolate Trail, Maple Trail, Bacon & Ale Trail ~ Grazing Lunch


Article by Judi "Scoop" McWilliams, Festival Nomad Correspondent

Savour Stratford Trails

"Great treats throughout Stratford."

As we started on our Savour Stratford’s Culinary Adventures through Stratford award-winning culinary trails, we didn’t realize that this was somewhat of a “scavenger hunt”. Although we had allotted a generous amount of time to take a “Tour of the Flavors”, we never could have covered it all in one day. Two reasons … one, as we travelled through each unique shop, we took the time to savor the flavors, chat with the artisans, owners, creators of these sweet treats … and two, we just got too full! The handy tour maps worked well and the shops to stop into were well marked. One stop was at Chocolate Barr’s Candies, in business for 11 years and were found in a new location, but to us it looked quaint and well lived in. A husband and wife team makes all the delicacies and treats. They had apprenticed by a local pro Rheo Thompson Candies. They shared with us that good space in Stratford is difficult to obtain and they patiently waited 5 years to gain this location. The owners are drawn to old buildings so this “new building” is a perfect fit. The synergy they contribute to Stratford and the Stratford Festival is apparent; as several “Alice in Wonderland” items could be seen along with other Shakespeare related treasures. They are aware of the “playlist” and work with the giftware throughout the seasons. We also had a stop over at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, where the wheel of chocolate greeted us in the window at the street front. The staff talked with us and described what kept them interested in Stratford. We were told that it isn’t just a “Justin Bieber” town, there is so much more. So many diverse people visit Stratford throughout the year. They said Stratford was a “magical, safe, unique community that you just can’t find in any “big city”!

If you are in the area, it is worth taking the time to stroll along the streets of Stratford, meet the artisans and producers while satisfying your senses on Savour Stratford’s Chocolate Trail and the Maple Trail.