Warkworth Art in the Park


by Festival Nomad, Gary McWilliams

We had read in the local paper about two new events that were going to be taking place in the nearby village of Warkworth. It was a beautiful sunny warm Saturday on Victoria Day weekend. The drive to Warkworth, as always, was most enjoyable. On our arrival in the village we were greeted by a large Warkworth Art in the Park sign. We found a convenient parking space and walked back to the park. At the park we were greeted by three very friendly volunteers who explained the art show to us asked us if we were also going to visit the Warkworth Lilac Festival. I told her that we were and she handed us a handful of brochures about both the Festival and Warkworth itself. From the information booth we started to explore the art show. The quality of the art and creative wares was high and if, Judi had more time, I believe she would still be exploring and talking with the artists who had created many unique and beautiful items. In particular she liked the glass jewelry. The variety of the art items ranged from original paintings, to wonderful hand turned wooden bowls and metal garden items. It was great that the art show offered treats for sale also, including yummy ice cream and refreshing drinks. From the art show, we decided to walk back through the town to the Warkworth Fairgrounds which was where the Lilac Festival was taking place. Along the way we took photographs of downtown buildings and blossoming trees. An article about the Village of Warkworth was in the making!