Brighton Country Living Show


by Festival Nomad, Gary McWilliams

Learning About the Show...

I was talking to my daughter Ainsley and she asked me if I was going to be attending the Brighton Country Living Show. I told her I hadn’t heard about it. That’s when she told me that the insurance brokerage company that she works for had taken an exhibitors booth and she was going to “work the booth” for a few hours Saturday morning. She suggested that the show might be something that Judi and I would like to attend. I thought that it would be a great idea to go and perhaps bring our three grandchildren (Ainsley's kids) with us. With that settled we agreed to meet her at the Brighton Country Living Show. We picked up our three grandchildren early Saturday morning and drove to Brighton and the show. We piled out of the car and trooped to the show's front entrance, paid admission charge (kids free) and then prepared to find Ainsley. The kids were anxious to see their “Mom in action” and we were excited to see the show.

Walking the Show...

A young student in a bright green t-shirt greeted us as we walked in. It was easy to identify the organizers, workers and volunteers of the show, as they all had matching t-shirts on. The young lad welcomed us and explained our options for the show. We headed off to the main arena area where we thought Ainsley was exhibiting. We walked in with some hesitation. We did not want to not “lose” the grandkids in the crowd. We were relived when all three grandchildren ran immediately into the arena, turned right, and ran into their Mother’s arms! It was great to see her “at work”. Judi and I “chatted” with Ainsley and her fellow worker. Very quickly the grandkids got “bored” and "fidgety". Fortunately they were drawn around the corner to the wonderful sounds coming from a from a band performing live. Judi broke away from the conversation and took the kids to listen to the band. There were plenty of seats for everyone to sit and enjoy the music, while they waited for me to finish talking with their Mom. From there we started to explore the show, There were a wide variety of interesting booths. Many even interested the kids. One of the displays that caught the attention of the kids, was “The Friends of Presqu'ile Park” exhibit. It was very interactive for photographs with Parks employees. The kids asked all sorts of questions. These were answered patiently and generously. Also, the grandchildren insisted on having their photographs taken with the stuffed animals that were on display. Our oldest grandson chose to stand tall and strong beside an eagle, the middle grandson “hammed it up”, posing with the bird wildlife, and our young granddaughter was very brave and forced a smile, even though she was frightened of the baby cub! I was every impressed with the grandchildren when they stopped by of the “Crime Stoppers” display booth. They were handing out free red Frisbees and offered each child their own, to which they replied, “that’s o.k.….we’ll share”. Where did that come from? Moving along, we stopped to talk to with friends from Cobourg at the Cobourg Highland Games display. We wished them well with their upcoming Games at Donegan Park in July. Then there was the life-size “fireman safety dog, Sparky”. This was a big hit along with the firemen’s display and a recue dog puppy. Another highlight was the red racecar #57 from the Brighton Speedway. They reminded us that there were races all summer long, every Saturday night at 7 p.m. The Quinte Access mobility transportation bus was fun to see as well! There were exhibits, too, for the “not so young”, from insurance exhibitors, lifestyle displays, retirement booths and more! The Brighton Country Living Show even had Barbershop Quartet on hand to serenaded visitors throughout their event.

Budding Artists...

As Ainsley was going to be a while longer we decided to visit the Art Exhibit housed on the other side of the complex. They had an amazing place set up for children to get right into the action. All three grandchildren tried their hands at water colour painting. While the kids were painting, Judi and I took the time to see art show and sale. Inside there was more musical entertainment. We returned to the children's area to see what creations had been made. Hungry from all the creative activity, it was time to get something to eat. Ainsley's shift at the show was over, so we decided to leave the show and Brighton and travel to Colborne and the "Big Apple" Restaurant. We had had a wonderful day, the Brighton Country Living Show was chalked full of fun with interesting things to do and see.