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Peterborough Garden Show

Peterborough Garden Show Re-Visited

"Snapshots in Time"

Laurence Stephenson

by Festival Nomad Correspondent, Laurence Stephenson

The entrance hall of the Peterborough Garden Show immediately gives you a sense of what is in store. The show is held in 3 halls. 2 hold exhibitors and the third has space for a cafe and seating for the many popular speakers to be featured including Paul Zammit, who is a very engaging performer even for the uninitiated and Marjorie Mason who spoke informatively on 'Gardening For All the Days of Your Life' imparting any useful ergonomic tips. Heading in to the Exhibition Halls, you immediately become aware of the mix on offer. Booths feature landscaping design materials and hardware, garden related giftware and, of course, a selection of exhibitors purveying a variety of plants and flowers. The selection of these is wide and varied and makes attendance compulsory for gardening enthusiasts. Some of the better booths for the practised gardener were our friend Dawn's 'Gardens Plus' who feature interesting Hostas, Marjorie Mason's 'Mason House Gardens' who were displaying a wide variety of plants and GardenImport who displaying shelves of bulbs.

All in all the Peterborough Garden Show is a focused, manageably-sized garden show that remains reliably interesting from year to year.


by Judi McWilliams

Road Trip...

With great anticipation our friends Barb and Lawrence joined us once again for a road trip. This time it was off to Peterborough for the Peterborough Garden Show. Although we have attended the Canada Blooms show with our friends a couple of times, we had not visited this show. An additional bonus for us was that our friend Dawn Tack, owner of Garden’s Plus was not only exhibiting at the Peterborough Garden Show, butshe was also giving a demonstration. The Peterborough Horticultural Society, the Peterborough and Area Master Gardeners, and the Northumberland Master Gardeners were the hosts of the Garden Show.

Very Popular Show!

The Peterborough Garden Show was packed. We were told nearly 8000 visitors attended this event. As we walked into the arena at the Evinrude Centre is was clear that it was going to be a great show. There were about 175 booths of vendors and exhibitors, all with gardening-related products and services, spread over two arenas. They had a great information booth with friendly volunteers to help direct the visitors! We made our way to the Garden’s Plus booth. It was packed! While we waited for our turn to speak with to speak with Dawn, we strolled around some of the nearby booths.


Sometimes it is fun to explore on your own, but with Barb (our horticultural expert friend), it is an educational experience as well! The show had rest areas throughout, including benches to sit on, beautiful floral arrangements to look at, and cold water to drink. This area was appreciated by many tired show visitors. There were lots for children to do, including a Children’s Garden area … “Little Green Thumbs”. It might have been one of the best interactive centers for kids at an event I have ever been too. Lots of interesting, fun, interactive activities provided with great supervision. It was well organized! Another interesting area was a competition display of flower arrangements, table settings and more. The best part, although the exhibits had been judged by the professionals, was that we were able to vote for our favorite... the fans favourite. The winner would be announced at the end of the Peterborough Garden Show. We finally made our way back to Dawn's booth, but was just about to head for the demonstration stage for her presentation.

Dawn's Presentation

We wandered our way to the demonstration stage area so that we could hear Dawn's presentation on “Hostas”. I had been told previously that it was impossible to “kill” a Hosta plant. After listening to the demonstration, I now know that I had “killed mine with kindness”. Everything I could have done wrong, I did... from way too much water, to too little soil, to way too much sunlight. Oh well, at least there were bulbs there to purchase and to try again. So much you learning!

Spring Was In The Air!

The displays at the Peterborough Garden Show were so colourful, interesting and fun! There really was something for everyone, from wood carvings, wind spinners, gardening tools to hand made purses, gourd carving demonstrations, landscaping booths, nic-nacs and garden treasures galore. There was so much information I was glad to have Barb with us to help make some educated purchases.

Time Out...

There were refreshments in a hall where the Kawartha Artists Gallery Studio had works of floral art for sale. Each table had nice linen and beautiful floral center pieces to enjoy while you rested. We entered the room to relax for a few minutes before we departed.

The only problem with the Peterborough Garden Show was that we had four people squished into a small car …. Thank goodness for business cards, on-line shopping and shipping. Either that or we have needed a sunroof to put our yard items in. The Peterborough Garden Show volunteers were truly amazing. They even thought to assist with carrying purchases to visitor’s cars. The shuttle bus service was also a bonus for such a busy event. I definitely will return to this show and one that would I recommend for everyone to visit. Don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes and pack some extra time, you will need them.