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(presented by Wells of Hope)


by Festival Nomad, Gary McWilliams

Niagara Region at Its Best....

Passion is a one day event that is held each year in the Niagara Region, in August, to be exact. It is a festival for food and wine lovers! It also includes silent and live auctions. I visited this event with my daughter, Ainsley Brush, and we both had a great time! The event is held in a local nursery and is set up for tasting and sampling. Even the entrance way is enticing. It is an event that captures the spirit of the Niagara Region and Niagara-on-the-Lake. Niagara Passion is a well run event, organized as a fund-raiser.

The Ambiance

Passion, as the event is now known, takes place at beautiful Mori Gardens Design & Gardens Centre. Parking for the event ia available in a church parking lot located just passed the "Gardens". Just as we parked our car, a large "golf cart" arrived to wisk us off to the "Passion". What an arrival! As we walked through the enetrance to the "Gardens", we were immediately "swept" into the "ambiance" of the Passion. In the middle of the garden, tables were set up in front of a large stage. Guests were sitting at the tables (many of the tables were shaded by large umbrellas), sampling delicious foods and wines while listening to music coming from the stage. Around them, numerous food and wine stations were set up, offering lines of visitors selections of gourmet foods and fabulours local wines, definitely a "Celebration of Food, Wines & Music". Near the wine and food stations was an area that offered "Passion" visitors the opportunity to "bid" an the many "Silent Auction" prizes being offered.

The Passion is a great event that "represented the Niagara Region at its best"!