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Sharon Temple Founders Day

Carol Law

by Festival Nomad Correspondent, Carol Law

The Rain Just Missed Us!

We survived the heat and dodged the ominous black clouds and managed to get in our concert at the Sharon Temple for Founders Day. Goes to show you that the weather reports may be close to accurate but may not reflect the weather exactly where you are - the storm literally missed us by about 2 kms.

What's Founders Day

Founders Day isn't really explained on the Sharon Temple website. Built in the late 1800's the Temple was for the use of the Church of Peace. When the founder died the Temple became a Museum around 1915 and has operated as a Museum and cultural centre for music ever since. Founders Day celebrated the establishment of the Sharon Temple and its importance in that community. Our concert celebrated the fact that the Newmarket Citizens Band was part of the original history (Newmarket not being officially formed at the time).

Newmarket Citizens Band Concert

The Festival today, although small, was very interesting and the Sharon Temple Museum volunteers were very welcoming and accommodating. Following our concert was a tour of historic Sharon. True festival goers joined in well prepared with fans, umbrellas (for the sun) and water bottles. 

I've cooled off in the pool and am fiercely hungry. It is raining here on and off, the kind where you want to swim in the rain.