Battle of Fort George

Invasion of Upper Canada

Battle of Crysler's Farm

Wasaga Under Siege

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Ontario Visited Websites
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Ontario Visited Websites

"Ontario Visited Websites is a group of 6 specialized Tourism oriented websites that are dedicated to promoting Ontario's festivals, events, fairs, attractions, heritage and communities. To access the Ontario Visited Websites, please click on the above "PHOTO" for entry to our list of websites."

War of 1812 Articles
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War of 1812 Articles

"Over the past 8 years, we have visited and written about over 500 of Ontario's festivals, events, fairs, attractions, heritage and communities. To access our Ontario Visited Articles, please click on the above "PHOTO" for entry to our article lists."

Ontario Visited Information Hub
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Ontario Visited Information Hub

"What's in the hub? Looking for an event to visit? Need information or news about Ontario's festivals, events, fairs, attractions, heritage and communities? Interested in promoting your event on our Ontario Visited Websites and need information? Want fun festival information and tips? To access our Ontario Visited Information Hub, please click on the above "PHOTO" for entry to our Information lists."

Special Information Ontario Visited Websites

The Inside Scoop

Discover the "INSIDE SCOOP" and many "Behind the Scenes Tours" as we interview Ontario’s leaders, experts, organizers, celebrates, volunteers and dignitaries as we discover the importance of Ontario’s Festivals, Events, Heritage Activities, Cultural Events, Arts, Attractions, Fairs and Communities that Ontario offers. Learn tips, strategic planning, volunteer coordination, the importance about volunteers and impact in our communities, challenges and how to over come them and so much more. For visitors, this is a great way to gain insight, find out interesting aspects that may benefit you during your own adventures!


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Welcome to Ontario Visited Websites

We are dedicated to discovering, visiting and promoting Ontario’s great festivals, events, fairs, attractions, heritage and communities. You may be looking for an event to visit and want to find out about it before you go or you may just be interested in learning more about festivals, events, attractions and more, in general. It’s your choice. We hope you enjoy the site and find it useful and entertaining. Please visit our monthly "INSIDER" Newsletter archieves for more festival and event information. 


Gary McWilliams (a.k.a The Festival Nomad)


Although we take constructive recommendations (criticism) well and attempt to address all of your concerns, ideas, input … it is nice to have compliments. Here are a few we are proud to share with you …

"Tourism Kingston has worked with Ontario Visited for several years. We have been pleased with the service we received from their team. Judi is always the first one to alert us to new opportunities throughout the year. Needless to say, the services we signed up for through Ontario Visited continue to exceed our expectation."

"Ontario Festivals Visited delivers quality service, passion, and content rich coverage of tourism – all done with effective and open communication which made the process that much easier"
The McWilliams are famous for enticing tourists to enriching, exciting and educational event experiences".
Ontario Visited offers residents and tourists a thorough overview of Ontario events and taps into the exponential growth potential within tourism-related activities
Hats off to two very dedicated, enthusiastic and supportive individuals. Gary and Judi are two people that understand the need and importance of tourism in Ontario.
Dedicated to discovering, visiting and writing about Ontario's fabulous festivals, events, fairs, attractions, heritage and communities.